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Are you sick of listening to the same old crap live sex lines? Services where you are kept hanging on for ages before actually getting through to chat with anyone? Well you will not find any like that listed here... All our ladies are sitting at home logged onto the system waiting to chat to you live 1-2-1. No Boring Intros straight into the action for hot live phone sex. The numbers listed below are clearly indicated for either USA or UK callers...

Phone Sex Challenge

So our challenge to you is: With phone in one hand and cock in the other, wank yourself at normal speed while chatting to our uncensored filth sex line and see if you can last longer than 60 seconds, are you up to the challenge? Dare you take it on or will you be shooting your load too quickly and hanging up the line in under 60 seconds? The Challenge our 60 second wank line call now on 0908 120 4576.

phone sex challenge
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0908 120 4576

Mature Lady 0909 027 3208
Big Boobs 0909 027 3205
Teen Sex 0909 027 3210
Ebony Sex 0909 027 3206
UK Mature Lady
0909 027 3208
UK Big Boobs
0909 027 3205
UK Teen Sex
0909 027 3210
UK Ebony Sex
0909 027 3206

Toll Free USA >>> HOTTEST LIVE TEENS ON 1-877-361-TEEN (8336) <<<

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Hot Live 1-2-1 UK Phone Sex

>>> HOTTEST LIVE TEENS ON 0909-327-3210 <<<

Special Line 60p min

Hardcore Phone Sex 1p second
Panties And Pantyhose - 60p
Ebony Phone Sex 60p
Call A Mistress 1p Second
Dirty Nympho
0909 894 7601
Hardcore Filth
0909 894 7606
Pantyhose Fun
0908 894 7598
Ebony Sex
0909 894 7591
Call Mistress
0909 894 7593
These 0909 894 Lines Are All 60p a minute - Just 1p a second - Full terms foot of this page.


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Calls to 0909 894 numbers at 60p a minute. Only 0908 the challenge line is charged at £1.50 a minute. Line promoter: Pixie Promotions, PO Box 356, Leeds, LS6 1WZ. You must be over 18 and have the bill payers permission to call.